Shellers Barrelhouse Bar

575 Hyatt Lost Pines Road, Lost Pines, Texas 78612

(512) 308-4860

Inspired by legends and influenced by nature, Shellers Barrelhouse Bar boasts a relaxed atmosphere that rekindles the once-upon-a-barrelhouse experience with great food and beverages, plus regular live music performances from an assortment of genres several nights a week.

Shellers Barrelhouse Bar at Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa is named in honor of two long-ago Texas traditions: the hard-working Texans who spent hours picking up pecans and those who spent time shelling those pecans by hand – known as “shellers.”

The space is that of an upscale saloon, with Texas, ranch and farmhouse stylings, pecan flooring and a glass-covered bar that holds more than 40,000 unshelled pecans gathered during the resort’s construction. Resort guests, locals and travelers passing through are all welcome to enjoy the atmosphere invoking the character of musical legends such as Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, Otis Spann and the Grey Ghost.

Shellers pays tribute to Texas Barrelhouse Blues, a celebrated musical tradition of the early 20th century. A distinctive style of piano playing emerged in Texas’ barrelhouse bars, named for their beer- and whiskey-filled barrels. The toe-tapping “fast western piano” style music, perfect for dancing, had its roots in ragtime and jazz. It soon developed its own personality and became known as Barrelhouse Blues.

One of the legends of vintage Barrelhouse Blues is Bastrop’s own Roosevelt Thomas Williams, better known as the “Grey Ghost” (1903-1996). Like many traveling musicians in the early 20th century, Williams caught rides on freight trains and hopped off to play at carnivals, lumber camps, juke joints and barrelhouse bars. A self-taught musician, Williams once explained, “I plays with my right hand and let the left hand do what it want to.”